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Decorating Guide: Modern Tropical

From jungle fabrics to wanderlusty colours, exotic flora, foliage imagery and bird accessories, interiors have gone totally tropical, but if you find parrots and palms a tad too much, you can create a subtle modern tropical scheme with our tips here ... SUMMER SALE SPECIALS

Home Lust Concept Store summer sale Ireland

Is your home in need of a summer spruce-up? Shop our sale until 24th of June and get your abode summer-ready pronto, for some very enticing prices ... 

Staycation Inspiration: Backyard Revamp

While booking that dream summer holiday and fancy hotel is a wonderful indulgence, how about sprucing up the back garden and outdoor area at home first? Create you favourite staycation spot with our tips to transform your backyard into your new favourite getaway. 

Interiors Inspiration: Bringing The Outdoors In

We are now firmly on spring-to-summer ground, and it's time to focus on getting our homes ready for the warm season ... 

Interiors Inspiration: 5 Easy Changes You Can Make In Your Home Right Now

Unless you're talking about putting in a new kitchen, redesigning the layout of your living room or building a new ensuite in your bedroom, there are many ways to give your home a new lease of life without breaking the bank and having builders in.