INTERIORS INSPIRATION: Nordic Noir & How To Create An Authentic Scandinavian Home

If you haven’t yet discovered the works of  Stieg Larsson, Jo Nesbø and Henning Mankell – among many other Scandinavian crime masters – you are missing out. Scandinavian Noir has been here for, oh, decades now, but its power and charm never fades, it seems. There is more to Scandinavian crime lit than just morally-complex and exceptionally-dark stories – the decor inspiration and iconic design it brings are also to die for (see what we did there?).


Have a look at these sensually dark and massively chic outdoor and indoor spaces:



Finally, follow these tips for a never-to-be-bored-with Nordic Noir nest:

  • For soft furnishings, go for luxurious, dark textile textures.
  • For furniture, look for timeless design in attractive monochrome shapes.
  • For accessories, add black geometry or metallic wire storage to a sparse interior.
  • Soften the darkness by adding vivid greenery, fresh flowers or shrubs in deep reds.
  • Add natural textures such as bamboo and jute, and warming accessories, like fur and mohair rugs and throws, to further cosy up the look.
  • Keep it simple, timeless, minimalist and relaxed.

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