Interiors Inspiration: How To Decorate With White

Nothing says bright, fresh and clean like white. There is a sense of serenity with a pale palette, especially when paired with complementary colours and textures, such as natural wood and soft metallics like brushed brass and copper. Our white table and home accessories collection was inspired by the calming colour scheme of the typical Scandinavian abode, where white reigns supreme, from walls to floors to accessories and textiles. 

This versatile neutral works well in a variety of color schemes and design styles, and it's hardly sterile and boring when used right; it adds elegance to a modern interior, making it look classic, luxurious, but comfortable and unpretentious, because it's so natural. 

Decorating your house all white can be quite daunting; you need something besides colour to keep things from looking too boring and clinical. The secret is bold and interesting textures. Still, if you fear that the white look might be too clinical, stick to smaller decorations and accessories and follow these examples.
Try to create interesting contrasts with various textures, shapes and other colours: 

Image source: Houzz 

Sometimes, a single ceramic item, especially when it is a sculptural piece and strategically placed, can be as effective as a whole collection: 

Image source: Houzz 

But clustering is still best: 
Image source: Houzz 

You can also try the exhibition display look: 
Image source: Houzz 

Combine with metallics and mirrors for extra glamour: 
Image source: Gardenista

If you like the immaculate look, learn how to pair white with other colours, or work white on white into your home decor by browsing our Pinterest board
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