Interiors Inspiration: How To Create A Travel Decor Theme For Your Home

If you want that wanderlust feeling to last long after you're returned from your travels, go beyond the ubiquitous vintage maps, postcard stands and wooden trunks, and bring that authentic far-away feel to your abode with ... 

Travel-Themed Textiles: Add a cheerful ethnic rug and some graphic throw pillows to warm up your decor. Textiles wall hangings are all the rage right now and a handmade sari throw is always special.

ethnic home textiles

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Travel Souvenirs Collection: Forget the cheap airport nick-knacks, head for local markets while travelling and bring back authentic ethnic art to display on a mantlepiece, in a display case or windowsills.  

travel souvenirs

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Ethnic Art Wall Displays: You've seen these in museums and posh homes, and you thought they were signs of affluence, but, more often than not, those tribal masks, handmade wicker dishes and intricately etched metal plates can be bought from manufacturing cooperatives in markets across Africa and Asia and from Western fairtrade suppliers at affordable prices. Often, they will support local community projects and the work of NGOs in disadvantaged areas of the world.


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If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a Moroccan pouf. For you cat. 
cutte cat
Image: IMAGE Interiors & Living magazine, Ireland 
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