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Book Review: Bright Bazaar

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We are big fans of colourful interiors, or colourful accents rather, at Home|Lust, and one of our inspirations sources for putting together our "Colour Me Happy" collection of home accessories and textiles was blogger Will Taylor's Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color for Make-You-Smile-Style. Here we share a few inspiring touches if you are thinking of making the jump into a brighter home.


The British designer and stylist behind cult blog Bright Bazaar thinks that a little bit of colour confidence goes a long way in making a happier, more inviting home. Indeed, colour psychology has been recognised as an effective way to improve mood and making spaces more unique and pleasing.

Bright Bazaar Book 2

And ... introducing colour does not mean that you have to give up on your calming neutral shades and Scandinavian-inspired monochrome accessories. If at all, this book explains how you can layer colourful touches on a minimalist interior background. 

Bright Bazaar Book 5

In his book, Will starts off with the foundational elements of creating a colourful creative abode: colour, pattern, texture, etc., including helpful room analysis and helpful moodboard making tips to help you find the right style for you.  Bright Bazaar Book 3

He then proposes a series of interior design styles where you can find the most ingenious ways to combine those elements to best effect: from urban chic to modern country to vintage industrial and Oriental-inspired spaces, all of the major trends are covered. 

It's a true  "how to" book that is easy to read and gives advice that is easy to implement because it's not budget-dependent. Here is a selection of useful tips from the book that will help you bring loads of personality into your home, and more happiness in your life. 

Bright Bazaar is available to buy on Amazon. Images by Andrew Boyd.

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