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Christmas Inspiration: Alternative Christmas Tree

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We don't always get a Christmas tree, not evey year, certainly not when we're away for the winter holidays. Chances are some of you may be faced with a similar dilemma: maybe you are away a lot at Christmas, you don't really have the space for a big Christmas tree, or you just can't deal with the needles this year. Bare branch trees make for a great modern alternative, or anything else you can stack or arrange in a vague but considered triangular shape.

Fear not, Pinterest has the inspiration, and we have the solution: this year we stock a handmade birch tree that is almost one meter tall, you can hang it on any wall using a picture frame hook, light enough that said wall does not come crumbling down, and really does the trick as you can see it here in our house. We haven't even decorated it except for the string lights.

So here is what you can do when you're not getting a tree. And, if you're getting one, it's gonna be potted, right? 

Shop our alternative Christmas tree handmade from natural birch branches and rope here


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