Christmas Inspiration: Sublime Simplicity and Easy DYIs


There are many handy ways to create a hyggelig holiday atmosphere without breaking the bank and without shopping your entire decor. After all, the Christmas break really is meant to be a "break" for nesting, spending time with family and friends, and an opportunity to enjoy your home more so than during the busy year. 

Take time to enjoy the simple things in life with these Scandinavian-inspired DIY projects for the entire family: 

Felt gnomes. All the materials here can be found in Hickeys or Art&Hobby Shop.


Winter-inspired paper giftwrapping. This should be perfect to do with the kids: a frosty day in activity and your Christmas wrapping done! All the materials here can be found in your nearest supermarket and the tools are in your child's craft box. 

Black, gold and rope. This is a simple project that requires, again, stuff you find at the supermarket or hardwares store. It's a rustic-luxe kind of look and really cheap to put together. 

Wire hanger wreath. This is one of my favourite easy DIY projects for Christmas, as I always have too many brass hangers and citrus fruit is always plentiful over the winter holidays. Simply bend hte hanger into shape and weave greenery and dried fruit around it. Use some wire string from the hardware store if you need to fix the elements of the wreath into place. 

Cinammon stick himmeli ornament. Slightly more elaborate than the above, but a great project for the whole family. Everything here is likely to be found on supermarket shelves. And the hosue will smell divine.

If you are looking for a full-on, made-from-scratch holiday project, this is something you can achieve with materials from the craft shop and a pine branch.

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