Interiors Inspiration: Decorating With Grey

Light grey, dark grey, charcoal, slate ... grey in all its shades and glory. Decorating with this monochrome not monotone shade is easier than you think and we’ve got some beautiful examples to prove it. 

So what is so special about grey? Why are most interior designers irremedialy in love with it? How is this dull colour such a hit with modern interior trends?  Our decor tips and suggestions for stylish colour complements make it easy to integrate this timeless neautral into your interiors scheme. Here are our reasons for loving grey ... 

Reason 1: Versatility

Grey and rose, grey and burgundy, grey and peach, grey and pretty much anything makes a great combination. It has the same "goes with everything" nature, but it's far more interesting and elegant than white; you can layer it tone by tone to add depth, or you can add interesting lighting and accentuate its shadowy quality. So, next time you redecorate, think about what favourite colour you can pair with a shade of grey.

Reason 2: Simplicity

This goes hand in hand with versatility above. Greys, especially the lighter shades, are calming, relaxing. And, despite what the Irish skies might suggest, not cold and threatening. It has a crisp, clean quality, much loved by Japanese minimalism, for example, and is a staple of neutral and cool Scandinavian interiors. So, go for it.

Reason 3: Timelessness

Grey is not restricted to just modern interiors. Look at the latest period revamps and you will see Down Pipe walls, plain woven carpets and rustic-style stone stiles everywhere. It has a cool glamourous quality that trenscends eras and integrates in all colour and interiors schemes. 

Reason 4: Elegance

It is quite simply a regal tone, cosy and comforting, giving bedrooms and livingrooms alike an air of grown-up sophistication, and a hint of luxury. It lends itself easily and uplifts any decor scheme, whether it's in Provence-style sunroom or an industrial vintage kitchen.

Reason 5: Richness

There are so many shades of grey, it's impossible not to find your perfect one. When choosing a neutral shade, think in terms of temperature (cool or warm), lighting (neutrals can look very different depending on type and quality of light), mood (Do you want a deep grey that can really make an impact in living room? Or a soothing, lighter shade in the bedroom?). Grey is not just white and black tones, but also green and blue hues, a soupçon of magenta, a touch of irridescence, a greenish, mossy tone, an earthy cream, etc. 

Reason 6: The Perfect Backdrop 

It gives depth to subtle colours, such as the trendy pastels, and makes bold tones, think everything from mustard yellow to neon pink, as well as metallics really pop. It is a great colour for balancing a formal atmosphere with a sense of comfort and style. 

For more reasons on why should decorate
with this awesome neutral,
read Shades of Grey
by Kate Watson-Smyth.







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Image credits: Broste Copenhagen, Zuiver




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