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Plants, plants, plants, but which ones? Unless you have the green-finger gene, choosing the right plants for your indoor and outdoor areas can be a conundrum. There are some that grow by themselves, can't-kill-them plants, and some that are so difficult to keep alive, they will become the bane of your life. Then there is the seasonal 'It' plant (no, really).

Anyhoe, here are some old favourites and some new finds ...


Monstera (aka Monstera Deliciosa) will grow steadily and have a long, happy life in medium to large pots in light-filled rooms. When it grows too much, you can cut off its highly decorative stems, and use them in vases for weeks. 


Fiddleleaf Fig of Figleaf or Ficus are pretty hardy ones. They do pretty well on little water, and they are hard to kill. Very decorative and fast growers. 

Your ole fern. Another fast grower that is a little trickier (keep them out of the sun), but so... pretty. It can become pretty bushy, but, as with monstera above, its stems are gorgeous and pairs up well with most flowers. 

You can't go wrong with succulents. They are as hardy as they are pretty, and come in all shapes, sizes and colours. 

Pearl succulents are our favourite indoor plants ever. A statement plant that will also practically grow itself, like most succulents. Looks best when cascading from a hanging planter or trailing from a top shelf. The sun is a friend of this one, and won't die if you forget to water it regularly. 



One of the many benefits of having lush greenery in your home is their air-cleaning quality. Have little vignettes of plants in every room to enjoy with both your eyes and lungs.

Here are a few ideas on how to use plants in each room of the house. 

In the workspace, plants will help relax your body and clear your brain. As proven by science. 

Making the most of a small space

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Got a well-lit study, sunroom or entrance hall you want to bring to life? Transform it into a little oasis. They call this interior rewilding - but you don't have to. Group an assortment of potted plants, and choose a variety of different colours and textures for added interest.

You can make it as tricky or as low-maintainence as you like. Use ladders, shelves, bookcases, benches and hanging planters to create a sense of height and for added drama.

Combine lush living greens with charming bohemian accessories for that cosy, lived-in feel in the home or conservatory.  

Is it spring yet?

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Creating your own lush private jungle is a no-brainer if you have even a tiny outside spot. This is where you can get really creative.


Go for perennial greens and easy-maintenance plants, and celebrate all the seasons with the right specimens. We're in love with these Dun Laoghaire front gardens in Dublin. 


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Few are as lucky as this, but you can incorporate plants in any little sunny corner of your abode.

If permanent greens fill you with dread, and do not have a good record of keeping them alive, perhaps you should stick to vases? Be creative. No need to always go for the supermaket style bouquet. No stem is too ugly to go in a vase. Pick wild flowers, stems of all kinds, mix and match. Once they reach their destination, they all somehow work. Some of the prettiest green and floral arrangements can be found in florists' buckets and their unstyled bounties.

Plant chandeliers, anyone? A fairly easy DIY project for a dinner party. 

Ready to work on your green project? Here is our design project for a creative workspace that doubles as an interior garden room ...

and browse our dedicated Pinterest board for more luxurious greens ...

Here is a selection of products to help you on your way to your very own urban jungalow:

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