Giftguide: Fairtrade and Handmade Gifts

There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you see the excitement on someone’s face when they open the perfect gift. In case you’re struggling for ideas of what to buy his year, we’ve put together a feel-good gift guide to help you find something special, especially if you are looking for unique, ethically-sourced, eco-friendly handmade presents and decorations.

Our handmade gifts range includes fairtrade objects made by rural artisans in India. We fell in love with these pieces at first sight. The relationship between an artisan and a beautiful handmade piece creates a story, which makes each product an individually crafted piece that speaks to its owner.
The traditional skills used by our small suppliers in parts of rural India have been handed down from generation to generation. We value this age-old knowledge and hope to help keep it alive by continuing to stock these products. 
The handmade Christmas collection features baubles, luminaries and decorations produced from recycled glass and mirror, using traditional glass blowing and had-etching techniques. They have a vintage rustic finish reminiscent of far away lands and travel stories. 
We are proud to stock these items as they are all made from natural and recycled materials through sustainable methods of production and their sale benefits small communities and individual craftsmen. 
For more vintage and travel-infused fare, check out our products here: 

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