Decor Guide: From Basic To Beautiful In 7 Easy Steps

We love minimalism here are, but our style is far from the stark Scandi look. We use a streamlined neutral base for a decor scheme that is both airy and exciting; and we call it bohemian minimalism ...
Whether you are in a rented apartment or a new home, here are seven steps to transform that bare shell into something cosy and unique. And the beauty of them all? None of these changes are permanent, so you can play around for as long as you like and then just make it all go away if it doesn't work for you. 

Most new homes or rentals will come in an uninviting white or beige form. Take this as an opportunity to add exciting elements that work well into the space and can use throughout the seasons. When you walk into a new space, try to picture it as your own, and how you would redecorate it if it was or once it's yours. If you are undecided, take pictures, and use online simulators to mock up the house in your style. 

Metallic Accents 

We love metallic pieces as they are perfect accents for any space, and a touch of sparkle will make a happier home in the dark season, as well as in the summer.

Top Tips

* Don't overuse the metallics; use in moderation for an elegant, luxe look.

* Stay away from the gilded bling and cheap copper; they will just make your house look generic, and well ... cheap.  

Here's a good example how to use metallics the right way: 

Get the look with one of our metallic accent pieces here:


Textured Textiles 

This is literally the easiest way to make a place cosier and personalise it to your liking. Use decorative cushions in striking colours and patterns, and rotate them from season to season for a fresh new look every few months or so. 


Striking Lighting 

Think of lighting as jewellery for your house. It has to be practical, but it must not be boring, much like fashion. Very few of us can wear designer head-to-toe. So ... if your house is a selection of high street items, set it off with amazing adornments, and the entire space will look fabulous. Spend money on lights and be bold. It's not just ceiling lights; low lights and floor lamps allow to layer your lighting scheme and is infinitely more appealing and complementing of the space.


Top Tips

* Think variety: spot lights, pendant lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps; the best lighting scheme for your home is probably a combination of all these. There are now lots of different kind of bulbs, in a multitude of hues and shapes. 

* Select your lights depending on how you use them in a certain room. It probably does not make sense for you to have a lot of little lamps in your dining room as it is the ceiling lamp that is most important. Conversely, a selection of atmospheric table and wall lights will work best in the sitting room, where you probably spend most of your late evenings.

*As always, trends are transitory, so trying to integrate a hardcore industrial light into a decor scheme that is rather on the traditional side of the spectrum probably won't work. A statement light should be timeless, look well in its new surroundings and generally make people go 'Wow!'. 

* For maximum aesthetic impact and even more light, have your lights reflected onto mirrors and place them next to plants. 

Have a look at our dedicated Pinterest board for more inspiration on how to go about starting on your lighting scheme: 


Live Greens 

Nothing nothing! can make a home look more alive and fresh than lush greenery and lots of pretty flowers. They're not only extremely decorative, but they are good for your health, too. Read our post on how to decorate with  and not to kill – plants here: 

Decorating With Plants

Affordable Art 

Art doesn't come cheap. At least good art doesn't, and that is for good reason. If you are not a millionaire – and few of us are –, but you want to have a least one good piece in your home, browse online on places like Etsy and web art galleries, and visit art fairs where lots of good deals can be had. Don't buy generic art from where most peopkle shop; you do not want to discover that three of your friends have the same IKEA framed print. 

When you do have your art, have a look at these tips on how to place it and hang in your home from our friends at House Edit. 

Read our own post on how to decorate with geometric prints here 

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Decals and Tape 

This is a truly easy one. If you want more than wall art but are not ready for a feature wall, this is a good way to start adding interesting elements to your walls without the painting mess and just a few items (wall stickers, washi tape) from the local art and hobby shop. For the commitment-phobic home owners and all the renters forbidden to make any changes in their accomodation, there is always the removable wallpaper. 

Have a look at our Pinterest board here for more ideas for making temporary changes to your home with minimum effort ... 

Paint, Paint, Paint

Okay, this one is pretty big, and it only works if you are prepared to go all out and be fearless. But still, you have nothing to lose, somight as well try it.

So here we go ... re-paint a wall in a striking colour. It does not have to be kryptonite green, but try some moody blues, accnting neon stripes or funky geometric shapes. 

For some interiors colour inspiration, read our previous posts on the major colour trends for 2017 below: 

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