House Tour: A Magical Moroccan Marvel

1. Courtyard

Our search for holiday home perfection continues... and we continue to get stuck in the wanderlusty charm of Morocco.

This boutique concept hotel is minutes from Marrakech’s main square, the Jemaa el Fna. Its owners, as you can see from the photos below, are lovers of design; there is even an Irish connection: one of the rooms pays homage to Eileen Gray. Book this at: 

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3. Piscine 1

4. The Eileen Gray

7. Salon


10. The Traveller

11. The Grand Suite

13. The Grand Suite


16. The India Room

19. TV Room

20. The Gysin


24. Exit

2. Bhou

4. Fritzi

5. The Eileen Gray

6. The Eileen Gray


12. The Grand Suite

14. The Grand Suite

15. Outdoor Salon

18. Dining Room


21. Terrace Dining 2


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