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INTERIORS TRENDS 2017 VELVET nordal velvet armchair

Interiors in 2018 are all about bringing comfort and cosiness into the home, with mutually complementing natural materials and sumptuous textures being some the major trends we see, including the most luxurious of them all: velvet.


                                 A new blogpost from The Lust List blog  by Home Lust Concept Store. 

Jewel-toned, vintage-inspired and natural stone textures and colours are dominating the homewares collections of designers small and large. It's all about a relaxed eclecticism that cohesively combines elements of the past and the present, with plenty of plant life and nature-inspired palettes for an overall opulent but natural, lush look.

Art deco has had a significant impact in 2017 and 2018, and alongside Victoriana-inspired motifs, natural but ornate textures, and brushed metallics, velvet will with one of the stand-out winners in the interiors arena for a little while to come, and especially when we come into autumn/winter 2018/2019.

We are secretly ecstatic when something vintage or retro-inspired takes centre stage in the interiors world. Velvet upholstery and velvet home accessories is perhaps one of our favourite trends of the last while, and, happily, it is here to say. Here are five reasons to go velvet this year, and some velvet-tastic interiors to prove this point, from formal to casual, traditional to contemporary and beyond. 

Not only is velvet associated with the bygone elegance of the glamourous 50s and a staple of opulent Art Deco interiors of grand houses, but it is a fantastic addition to a modern interior too, which proves that its versatility is the source of its longevity.

Velvet looks and feels luxurious, cosy and welcoming; peak luxe and ultimate relaxation, all in one.

It is a natural complement to rough natural textures like reclaimed wood, and smooth surfaces and objects like stone, metals and ceramics; pair with white or black marble and brushed brass for best effect.

It adds visual interest and tactile cosiness to any room, especially when it comes to minimalist spaces.

Formal, yet casual, depending on the setting, elegant and cosy, opulent yet not ostentatious, velvet, and it myriad incarnations throughout the ages, only gets better with time, like fine wine, one might say.

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