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Image courtesy of Dulux ColourFutures
 Image: Dulux Colour Futures

"Denim Drift", the recently unveiled Dulux Colour of the Year 2017 is a soft, ashen type of blue shade, reminiscent of the faded, sun-bleached denim of vintage jeans, a little bit nostalgic, massively cool.

 Image: Dulux Colour Futures

This blue is a fabulously versatile shade, in the way that denim goes with everything, and we can see it being combined with many of 2017’s interior trends: raw, natural materials, warm metallics and organic textiles. 

 Image: Dulux Colour Futures

"Petrol Blue" from Colourtrend is one of the dominant colours of the year. It's what we've chosen to use for our Roomset at the Ideal Home Show Interior Design Forum. This a moody, dramatic shade of blue, and a durable paint with added ceramic microsphere technology, great for interior walls. In addition, it comes in a washable finish that is perfect for busy places where a matte is preferred.

teal walls

As per Colourtrend's own colour psychology blogpost, "blue seems to be nearly everyone’s “favourite colour”. The colour of the sky and the ocean, blue is a constant in our lives. It’s the collective colour of the spirit, invoking calm and serenity; conjures up feelings of harmony, intelligence, sincerity, and reliability. However, not all blues are sedate: electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic: engaging colours that express exhilaration."

See our Pinterest board here, for more on how to add drama with a blue feature wall, and visit our roomset at Ideal Home Show, 21-23 April to see how we used Petrol Blue in our interior garden room. 



The other major colours of the year 2017 mark a return to a romantic, boho and dark palette that also include rich greens (see our green blogpost here) and aubergines, and which bring nature back into our decor, but with an urban, eclectic, edgy twist.

Image: Broste Copenhagen

For more inspiration, browse our blue Pinterest board here: 

Shop the trend on, where blue is one of the core colours of our homewares collection: 

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