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Interiors Inspiration: Bringing The Outdoors In

We are now firmly on spring-to-summer ground, and it's time to focus on getting our homes ready for thw  warm season ... 

The weather might be unpredictable still, it is Ireland after all, so our first suggestion is to bring the outdoor, the garden, all the beautiful exterior greenery inside. Before the warm weather sets in, let us explore how we can create a sense of the great outdoors while keeping cosy indoors. 

Using natural colours and materials indoors is the easiest way to establish a connection to the outside world, its beauteous botanical shapes, and that invigorating feeling being in nature gives us. 



Here are we've found the perfect way to do that by mixing rattan furniture with lush greenery and happy textiles. This lively, refreshing combination of natural elements, vibrant colours and enticing textures will create a summer garden feeling inside, even on the grey, wet days. 


Keep the furniture on the lighter, smaller side so that you can move it in and out of the house easily. These elegant indoor-outdoor swinging loungers made from ethically-sourced Indonesian rattan are just the thing. 


The easiest, most effective way to invigorate the atmosphere of a home and bring in that outdoorsy feel is by bringing plants and flowers indoors. Mix and match vases and pots for a bohemian, casual feel. 


Spoil yourselves on the sunny longer evenings with a jug of lemonade, Google a nice, easy cocktail you can make from locally-sourced or easily available ingredients, and get ready for the much anticipated high summer. 


Have a look at our relaxing Pinterest board and shop the look on below ...


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