Interiors Inspiration: Home Decor Trends 2018

[GUEST POST] This is the year of upgrading living spaces to something more eclectic, reflective of modern day lifestyles while maintaining functionality. In 2018, natural materials, earthy finishes and eclectic elements are being used to usher in the new season! For those of you looking for design inspiration for the New Year, here’s what you need to know to stay ahead of the game, courtesy of Kura Perkins from ArtHide ... 

Earthy Hues

The coming year will see a shift from bold and bright colours to a nature-inspired colour palette. For a ‘closer to nature’ vibe, opt for colors such as muted and dark orange tones, forest greens and russet reds that emanate a rustic, earthy energy.

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Images: Broste Copenhagen 

Natural Materials

Organic hues, natural materials and earthy finishes add warmth while introducing a fun new texture into the mix. Anything from sheepskins to rattan chairs and cowhide rugs are natural touches that can be used even in an ultra-modern contemporary space. 


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Fabulous Fabrics 

With the shift towards earthy materials, bold luxurious fabrics are in too. A plain room can be upgraded by simply adding texture and colour. For a luxurious touch, opt for dramatic materials like cowhide, suede or velvet. Fabrics like linen or silk can give the room a lighter and romantic feel.

Images: Nordal Interiors, Broste Copenhagen, Madam Stoltz (all available on 

Art-Deco Accents

Retro-inspired interiors have made a comeback recently. Introducing a hint of vintage charm into your living space adds character and uniqueness to any home. You can choose to have it as a running theme or just add decorative pieces to reflect the art deco era, like a retro-style rug, and art deco artprint or beautifully-shaped light fixtures and accessories. 

Images: Nordal Interiors, Broste Copenhagen, Madam Stoltz (all available on 

Images: Nordal Interiors, Broste Copenhagen, Madam Stoltz (all available on 

Recycling and Repurposing 

    As the focus towards sustainable and eco-friendly design is now becoming mainstream, many designers and architects look into upcycling existing design elements, giving them a new look and purpose, while adding a unique eclectic touch. Make your own kilim ottoman by repurposing a carpet as upholstery, and find novel uses for mundane home accessories. 


    Author Bio:
    Kura Perkins is a co-founder of ArtHide and contributes to various platforms educating people about the beauty and benefits of cowhides, homewares, entrepreneurialism and all things related. 

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