Interiors Inspiration: Workspaces

It's a new day, a new week, and I'm feeling like making changes to my workspace. Previously, I was into the immaculate monochrome space, until I realised it's never as pristine as it looks on the first day. So ... I'm changing things big time. 

Because it's autumn, it's time to embrace the dark side of things, including when it comes to interiors. I was torn between a rustic industrial look or a minimalist, monochrome set-up.

This year, I'm going for a dark minimalist space with metallic hints and industrial touches. And what is more glam than black and gold together? Here's my moodboard for working it over winter. 

Add textiles and greenery to soften the look and light a few scented candles for inspiration and added cosiness. Shop the look below: 


For more inspiration, check out our workspaces Pinterest board. Which style are you?



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