Irish Design: Concrete Forest STUDIO is delighted to stock CONCRETE / FOREST Studio, a contemporary Irish homeware brand combining clean Danish aesthetics with raw urban Irish materials.
The maker behind Concrete Forest (a beautiful and evocative name), was born in Denmark to a Danish father and Irish mother, but never felt like he had to choose the nationality of a single country, and is proud to be from both. In fact, his heritage became his brand's tagline. 
We love Concrete Forest's, clean refined designs that are synonymous with Nordic aesthetics, and the technique of using textured raw materials which is prevalent in Ireland. Here is Kevin Corcoran making his first creations in his father's workshop in the 1990s.

And this is Kevin talking about his creative process: "In my work, I draw upon the clean refined designs that are synonymous with Danish design, but also the very hands-on approach to creating things out of textured raw materials which is prevalent in Ireland."

Follow the Concrete Forest on Instagram and Twitter, and shop his considered concrete creations here ... 



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