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We are delighted to welcome Gilded Hound on A high-quality Irish artisan homeware brand, it is run by metalsmith Siobhán Sacker, who designs and produces a select range of premium handmade solid copper and brass accent pieces and living accessories for the home in her Dublin-based studio.

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“With Siobhán’s passion for high-calibre craftsmanship and meaningful designs her creations are sure to stand the test of time.”
The Irish Independent 2016

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Siobhán's designs are inspired by the Irish natural and cultural landscape, and the age-old traditions and techniques of global metalsmithing. Each piece is a skilfully crafted, functional and glamorous piece for your home.

"The Irish design world is flipping out for Gilded Hound’s bespoke copper wall clocks"

 Image Interiors & Living Magazine, 2016


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"I want every piece in my home to have history and mean something special to me" Siobhán


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