Interiors Inspiration: How To Decorate With Oversized Glass Bottles


One of the easiest, most versatile and economical ways to decorate your home is to add plants and flowers. Greenery brings freshness, vitality and good vibes into every space.

But if you don't have the patience, even a a bunch of dry sprigs, a few attractive branches or tall last-for-ages reed grasses that require zero care could make a big statement in your home. And for all of those, you need a great vase.

If you are willing to go beyond the classic vase look, another great way to add more personality and colour to your home decor is the glass bottle called "demijohn", or "dame jeanne" from the original French. We don't know how Joan turned John in English, but this trend is getting bigger and better in 2016. 

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We are great fans of these pretty oversized bottles, so we went looking for ideas on how to use them all over the house. That's right, even your bathroom would like one of these! 

An invention of Mediterranean winemakers, the dame jeanne in French or damigiana in Italian (it translates as "Lady Jane" and is named after an Italian queen) is to be found in lots South Europe eclectic farms and countryhouses where it has been a staple decor piece for a couple of centuries: 

As expected, the Scandinavians reinvented the trend in a most sophisticated way proving that these antique-looking glass bottles fit perfectly into a sparse, contemporary decor: 

Here, a vintage caraffe finds a perfect spot in a very British modern rustic kitchen: 


Certainly, it has become a favourite with trendy bars and restaurants: 


What we love about these glass bottles is their versatility - the way in which they fit in perfectly in a trendy eatery, a farmhouse in Provence, a modern loft industrial kitchen, or someone's home office desk.

There is something very bohemian about this simple glass bottle: 
Glass caraffes and ceramic bottles in the contemporary kitchen are a match made in heaven: 
And, of course, the oversized bottle is in its element in a shabby-chic, eclectic environment: 


Finally, we expect this trend to last this year and probably beyond, thanks to big magazines titles, such as Elle, adopting the trend "without hesitation": 

Vase Bonbonne Vintage

Image: Elle Maison

For more great ideas on how to decorate with demijohns, have a look at our Pinterest board

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