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In the Press: Sense, style, sustainability

Delighted to have been part of this feature in the Sunday Independent (Irish Independent, recently ... 

"Being down to earth

Latest trend? Turning your home green, writes Jo Linehan, and she doesn't mean with a paint brush - it's all about sustaining the future of Planet Earth"

If there's one interior trend none of us can afford to miss, it's future-proofing your home. Whether you're a minimalist or maximalist, live in a rented two-bed in Portobello or inherited the family pile in Louth, there isn't a person on this island who won't find something in the sustainable living movement that speaks to some aspect of their lives.

I'm talking, of course, about the move to a more sustainable and earth-friendly way of living. Everything from how we clean, heat and light our homes to how we decorate them is changing. There's no need to feel the weight of saving the world on your shoulders or feel guilty for enjoying the odd frivolous purchase. But implementing a few small changes now can not only make your home and living space look better but can save you money too.

Take Dublin-based interior shop Home|Lust Concept Store, founded and owned by Diana Valentine

At, I've made a conscious decision to move away from trendy, fast interiors and concentrate on sourcing versatile furniture made from durable materials, ideally products that can be recycled or re-purposed down the line. Some of our best sellers are hanging and lounging chairs made from ethically-sourced Indonesian rattan harvested from FSC-certified sustainable sources. The rattan revival began in earnest a few years ago as people became more aware of the need  eco-friendly products in the home; it was a happy case of combining style and sustainability. 

Rattan, like bamboo, is a a fast-growing, renewable, multi-purpose wood that is and also suitable for outdoor use. It's like nature's plastic. Because rattan is a climber that grows around other trees, mostly in tropical regions, it contributes to the preservation of  deciduous and rain forests, as a result, it  has become an alternative to logging timber. It is a wood produced through harvesting methods, so it can help sustain the livelihoods and heritage trade skills of local populations in East Asia, where it mostly grows

We also sell cushions, carpets and wall hangings made from recycled textiles such as cotton, leather and jute handmade in community co-operatives in the developing world. It is not always possible, but we focus on selecting products that are made from or mostly with natural fibres like cotton and wool, which can be further recycled when discarded.


We also stock a large selection of glassware, many mouth-blown and made from recycled glass. 


Finally, we try to re-use packaging as much as possible. While branded packageware and fancy wrapping is a must in product marketing, I believe that we should try and reduce the waste, and avoid killing more trees while selling our wares.

Whether you make energy-saving investments, clean up your act when it comes to detergents and bleaches or treat yourself to a new bamboo toothbrush, it's the small but meaningful changes to living that are really 'in' this season.
Sunday Independent". 


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