Interiors Inspiration: How To Add A Touch of Tropical To Your Home

Chances are this summer most of us are heading off to some hot place on the Mediterranean or – the really lucky ones – the Caribbean, for a much-needed holiday. But that is two weeks, right? The rest of the Irish summer, we'll all be stuck at home. So because the forecast is again, unsurprisingly, not great (Noooo!!!), let's try and bring the holiday feel into our homes with a touch of tropical decor. 

This year, we're talking modern tropical, ie a subdued take on then palmtrees, pineapples and pinks. Follow these cute and simple decorating ideas that will have you feeling like you are on the greatest getaway of all without having to leave your living room.  

Modern Tropical Decor 101 

 1. Add lush botanicals to your decor, in whatever form. Think palmtree wallpaper, giant monsteras in pretty pots, a bunch of pineapples and coconuts in a bowl. 

2. Discover your inner mixologist and return to the glamourous fifties, the golden era of cocktails and extravagant tropical decor touches. 

 3. Create an exotic beachhut atmosphere with colourful textiles, rattan, bamboo and wicker furniture and quirky accessories. 

4. Colour your home happy with bold prints and rich, vibrant hues such as corals, turquoises and tropical greens. 

5. Go for a tranquil and chic island-living look, with indoor-outdoor hammocks and loungers, and beautiful greenery. 

Too much? Perhaps you don't wish to go permanent with your tropical decor? We wouldn't really. It somehow won't look as nice about November, when the grey light and rain will make it look as if you are eternally stuck in an extremely cold Carribean monsoon season... But..., if you are willing to take the jump, follow the lead of the experts and the really brave, like these totally awesome ladies and entrepreneurs, who manage to pull it off all-year round. 

1. The gorgeous and glamourous owner of Tropical Popical. Tour her magnificent home on IMAGE Interiors & Living here. And follow the salon's inspiring Instagram:

The proud maximalist owner of the sweet Turquoise Flamingo blog and THIS bathroom:

Follow her blog for tropical decor and wedding inspiration:

Finally, marvel at the tropical extravaganza of the one and only "Jungalow", Justina Blakeney's fantastically fanciful rainforest paradise of a blog and shop. Whenever you're feeling down, just have a little browse here, and you shall feel better in no time at all:

And we totally adore what Kingston Lafferty design have done in this London restaurant

Ready to go tropical? Recreate the decadent and carefree Club Tropicana vibe with our drinks trolley and barcart bottles: 

Scatter a few botanical cushions around for that breezy, beach house look.

If you don't want to fully commit, go for temporary seasonal decor. Here is a selection of prints we put together for the summer: cheap and cheerful botanicals, animals and insects from the hot tropics.

Monstera and pineapples? Absolutely! 

Delicate flamingos and proud ostriches? Yes, please.

Butterflies, dragonflies a a touch of tribal? Check!

Enjoy the summer and stay inspired:

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