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Decorating Guide: From house to home in 5 simple steps

If you've just signed on the dotted line for a brand new house, or are moving into a new rental shortly, here are a few ways to start decorating your new space, and transform a blank canvas in a home that is you ... 


INTERIORS TRENDS 2017 VELVET nordal velvet armchair

Interiors in 2017 are all about bringing comfort and cosiness into the home, with complementing natural materials and sumptuous textures being some the major trends we see, including the most luxurious of them all: velvet.

Interiors Inspiration: Modern Rustic Decor

Tips on how to create a modern rustic home ... 

Interiors Inspiration: An Ode to Autumn

A change in season calls for an update to our interiors. Autumn is for cosying up, and creating a warm, inviting mood, and we're feeling creative ... 

Interiors Inspiration: 5 Easy Changes You Can Make In Your Home Right Now

Unless you're talking about putting in a new kitchen, redesigning the layout of your living room or building a new ensuite in your bedroom, there are many ways to give your home a new lease of life without breaking the bank and having builders in.